Bring Your Photos to the Next Level – ThingLink

Take your images to the next level with ThingLink and make them fun, dynamic and interactive.  There is no doubt that the end result will draw a wealth of attention from your viewers. You can add text or multimedia overlays to any of your photos or images. ThingLink allows for your to link to a video, promote an audio file, link externally and more!

For example, a home decor retailer could use ThingLink images to share room and home décor DIY suggestions and tutorials. The retailer could overlay on a photo of a DIY kitchen organizer with the prices of all the pieces you’d need to make it and links to a blog detailing the process. The links become visible when you hover over the image.

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Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About

How many times have you received an email, flipped through a magazine or visited a website, and thought “wow, there is absolutely nothing interesting or worthwhile to read, look at or even share”. Next, you promptly deleted the email, closed the magazine (maybe even recycled it right away) and actually clicked on an advertisement to just get away from the boring website.  You’re probably also thinking, “what happened to all the cool, engaging, fun stuff?”
But, the next thought you have is, “Geez, I hope I don’t publish boring content like this for my business”. (Yes, I hope to that that’s not the case for you either).

Now that we are fully integrated in an information and 24/7 updating society, we are constantly looking for the new shiny, exciting trends that are buzzing on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, maybe even Pinterest.  And more challenging, trying to figure out how we can tap into the information world and create content that everyone is raving about on Facebook and Twitter to their followers.

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Tis the Season: How Your Business Can Gain From Online Shopping

Black Friday. The day that signals the beginning of Christmas mayhem and the shopping frenzy.  And now we’re also blessed with Cyber Monday, which has gained in popularity since its creation.  What do these two days mean for your business?

According to an article provided by HubSpot, there are 47 statistics that will make it clear why businesses who are not already focused on online sales to consider diving into this additional sales avenue.

Key statistics that businesses should make note of for the 2012 holiday season include:

52% of consumers will do their holiday shopping online this year – Source: National Retail Federation

48% of shoppers plan to shop online and in-store equally this holiday season – Source: Steelhouse &

53% of smartphone owners and 64% of tablet owners will use their devices to research and make holiday purchases – Source: National Retail Federation

4 in 5 shoppers will use devices simultaneously to help with holiday shopping – Source: Ipsos Mediact / Google

Over 41% of mobile device owners have purchased in response to an email promo viewed on mobile… Yet, 1/3 of top ecommerce brand emails linked to a non-mobile optimized landing page  – Source: Yesmail Interactive

80% of online shoppers and 71% of in-store shoppers say email offers influence them to buy – Source: Yesmail Interactive

31% of shoppers will track emails from retailers to get latest holiday announcements – National Retail Federation

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