Influencer vs. Brand Advocate: What’s the Difference?

Since I posted on brand advocates and why they are important to businesses, I’ve had people ask, “what’s the difference between an influencer and a brand advocate?”. Well my friends, the answer is quite simple: an influencer can be someone who knows about a business or product and supports it, while a brand advocate is an actual customer of a business and promotes them because of their satisfaction.

To help illustrate the difference, I came across this infographic (by Zuberance) that clearly details what separates the two and shows how influencers are becoming highly overrated when it comes to word-of-mouth marketing.

Source: Zuberance and Convince & Convert

Two key points from this infographic are: (1) that people now have greater trust with what a brand advocate has to say about a business over an influencer, who may be a celebrity, blogger or writer. And, (2) that people are now more aware that a brand advocate is an actual customer while an influencer may not even know much about the business, let alone have actually used the product or service they are promoting.

In addition, in situations an influencer is even paid or provided with an incentive in order to get them to promote on behalf of a business. Brand advocates are just the highly satisfied customers who can’t wait to share with the world how great a business is and how much they love their products and services.

This infographic just further supports the importance of businesses looking after their loyal and happy customers.  You don’t get a better sales pitch and source of advertising then from the voices of your satisfied customers who just love to rave about you and your business.

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