Bring Your Photos to the Next Level – ThingLink

Take your images to the next level with ThingLink and make them fun, dynamic and interactive.  There is no doubt that the end result will draw a wealth of attention from your viewers. You can add text or multimedia overlays to any of your photos or images. ThingLink allows for your to link to a video, promote an audio file, link externally and more!

For example, a home decor retailer could use ThingLink images to share room and home décor DIY suggestions and tutorials. The retailer could overlay on a photo of a DIY kitchen organizer with the prices of all the pieces you’d need to make it and links to a blog detailing the process. The links become visible when you hover over the image.

Below is an example by Farm 2 Kitchen called Touch & Feel Organic Spices.  As you hover over the image you can learn about each of the spices displayed with a link to their website.  In addition, they’ve added two links in the center of the photo, where one takes you to a video and the other to their sign-up form.

So what if you don’t sell products, but are a service provider?  You can still get in on this interactive photo bandwagon. You could design an infographic showcasing your portfolio and use ThingLink to highlight your services or your client successes with links to case studies, live web examples and testimonials.

The possibilities are endless!

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