Make Video Work For You: Reliable Lumber Products

Last summer, PR Savvy was approached by Reliable Lumber Products (RLP) about helping the company create a video that would assist them with presentations to new and potential clients, and highlight the services they offer.  With the help from We Point Media and Jeff Rogerson Photography, PR Savvy was able to provide RLP with an exceptional video that exceeded their vision and has proven successful for their staff at client meetings.  The final product was a video that would simple tell their story.

The video production process involved a full eight-hour day shoot at four locations throughout the GTA, and featured interviews with five loyal clients who love RLP services and have been using the company for hardwood floor installations for years.

Staff at RLP were also coached and provided content creation support for the testimonials by PR Savvy, allowing them to feel comfortable with performing the interviews and having their voice recorded for the video.

The final video was ready to be shared less than one month following the shoot date.  Learn more about RLP at

Here is the final video that we are so proud to showcase – an excellent product from a solid creative partnership between PR Savvy and its associates- and hope that it will inspire businesses to see the potential of what video could do for you:

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