About PR Savvy

Since creation in early 2012 as a public relations consultancy, PR Savvy prides itself in supporting small enterprises (private and non-profit) with developing creative solutions that works within the means of the organization. No budget is too small, and no dream is too big.  PR Savvy strives to inspire small organizations to rethink how they market, share their story and connect with the world.

The business is owned and driven by Kasey Rogerson, an entrepreneur at heart who found her calling in public relations long before she even realized. Kasey’s passion for rural business development and a need for creative thinking, matched with her natural instinct of helping and connecting others, led her to purse the creation of PR Savvy.

Over the years, Kasey has grown her experience in various areas of public relations (from digital marketing and strategic planning, to event planning and volunteer management) and expanded her network, connecting with other entrepreneurs and businesses that support public relations and business development.

Recently, PR Savvy expanded its offering with a new partnership to Jeff Rogerson Photography. Providing quality images for content creation is an essential piece to successful marketing, and now PR Savvy can offer its clients that service.