A Social Media Plan: What Is It and Why Do You Need It

Who honestly can say they haven’t spent countless hours on social media, thinking that you are a marketing genius, only to realize you spent most of that time looking at other people’s great content and barely spending any time creating your own.  Or how about those days when you feel you just have no time to “waste” on Twitter, to see what’s trending in your industry and get in on the conversation. Mostly because you feel inundated with information from a vast news-feed that includes anything and everything – Oh where to begin!?

Fear not, you are not alone. It is common to feel overwhelmed by social media. Being connected with technology, the social media realm is constantly evolving and new networks and apps are appearing almost every week.  Having so many platforms, so many opportunities, it can make one unsure about how to effectively spend time online and how best to utilize social media to its fullest potential.

There is a way to make social media easy. The catch – before you reach that comfortable point, it takes research, planning, and creative thinking, all bundle together in a nice package.  This my friend is a social media plan, and it can make the online journey easier and more enjoyable to travel.

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Public Relations… Say What?!

Quite often I get asked, “So what is Public Relations?”. And over the years I’ve gotten pretty good at explaining what exactly it means, or at least what all is involved.  Here is an overview to guide you through what is PR and what elements are involved…

Public Relations (PR) is about building and maintaining relationships between a business and the public, including current customers, potential customers, communities, and the general public.

“Public relations is the strategic management of relationships between an organization and its diverse publics, through the use of communication, to achieve mutual understanding, realize organizational goals and serve the public interest.”

— As defined by the Canadian Public Relations Society

PR Planning Process

To define strategic, actionable goals, and an implementation approach and plan, to guide communicators and others in designing, preparing and executing a public relations campaign.

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