The Impact of a Simple ‘Thank You’

It’s that time of year where charities are looking for donations and using the holidays as a time to approach families looking for unique gift ideas.  However, then there are some who just use the opportunity to say thanks for your support.

The other day I came home to a surprising voicemail message. It was David Suzuki himself calling to say thank you for being a donor in the past and providing valuable funds that support the foundations initiatives, and wished me happy holidays.  There was no ask about giving another donation or how much they need more of my money – it was just a simple thank you.

WOW! Boy did I feel special. Now I know it was a recording, but it was his actual voice and it sure made me feel happy about the donation I made months ago.  It made me feel so good that I pulled out the recent mailing I received from the foundation, filled out the donation card and signed up as a monthly donor.  I felt like a million bucks and felt even better about giving more money to the foundation.

This is a perfect example of how a charity or cause can build a relationship with its donors and go the extra mile to thank them whenever the opportunity arises.  The David Suzuki Foundation successfully made a one time donor into a monthly donor, and created a memorable and lasting experience. No one wants to be constantly asked, let alone asked for more money beyond their initial donation. People want to be thanked and recognized for their support no matter the size. And in return, most will demonstrate their support by making another donation – just as I did.

Expressing thanks isn’t something that’s just for non-profit organizations, businesses can benefit from this too.  Simply say thank you to the customers who are your loyal clients and biggest fans, and make them feel special. They’ll remember why they love your business so much and keep coming back.

I can only imagine how many other donors made another donation because of the surprise voicemail thank you from David Suzuki.  Kudos to staff at the foundation, well played!