Make Video Work For You: Reliable Lumber Products

Last summer, PR Savvy was approached by Reliable Lumber Products (RLP) about helping the company create a video that would assist them with presentations to new and potential clients, and highlight the services they offer.  With the help from We Point Media and Jeff Rogerson Photography, PR Savvy was able to provide RLP with an exceptional video that exceeded their vision and has proven successful for their staff at client meetings.  The final product was a video that would simple tell their story.

The video production process involved a full eight-hour day shoot at four locations throughout the GTA, and featured interviews with five loyal clients who love RLP services and have been using the company for hardwood floor installations for years.

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10 Things Your Customers Wish You Knew About Them (Infographic)

There is no better way to explain the importance of customer service and your relationship with a customer, then through a few words by Sam Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart, “There is only one boss: the customer. They can fire the whole company, simply by spending their money somewhere else.”

Here are 10 simple things to keep in mind about what the customers would like you know about them.

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Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About

How many times have you received an email, flipped through a magazine or visited a website, and thought “wow, there is absolutely nothing interesting or worthwhile to read, look at or even share”. Next, you promptly deleted the email, closed the magazine (maybe even recycled it right away) and actually clicked on an advertisement to just get away from the boring website.  You’re probably also thinking, “what happened to all the cool, engaging, fun stuff?”
But, the next thought you have is, “Geez, I hope I don’t publish boring content like this for my business”. (Yes, I hope to that that’s not the case for you either).

Now that we are fully integrated in an information and 24/7 updating society, we are constantly looking for the new shiny, exciting trends that are buzzing on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, maybe even Pinterest.  And more challenging, trying to figure out how we can tap into the information world and create content that everyone is raving about on Facebook and Twitter to their followers.

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No One Knows Your Brand Better Than Your Customers

A brand. It is the image, memory, story or expectation that defines and represents a business or person. While many are busy defining their own brand by creating clever key messages, eye-catching logos and mission/vision/value statements, it is actually the public, or our customers/clients, that determine our true brand. This is because brands are subjective in nature. They are based on not just key messages, cool logos and social responsible mission statements, but on the actions of the business, both verbal and non-verbal. 

Brands are actually based on how a business conducts transactions, how they interact with customers and their communities through customer service, public outreach and engagement, and yes, the visuals that we see (i.e. brochures, storefronts, signage, commercials).

Take McDonalds, when you see the logo or hear the name, what comes to mind? When people were asked on the streets by McDonald reps, the responses varied and covered many areas of the business that you wouldn’t have suspected.  Keywords that were mentioned included greasy food, junk food, fast, convenience, unhealthy, to aspects of the business like factory farming, inhumane animal treatment, poor wages.

As you can imagine, the company was not happy with how the public was viewing the McDonald brand and they knew they needed to do something and quickly.  “Our Food. Your Questions” was a campaign that resulted and focused on bringing transparency to the company.  It involved asking the public to submitted their questions about any aspect of the company, and they would give you answer (the truth, so to speak).

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